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The Remedy  Hair Spa is the “Triangle’s” premier destination for healthy natural or relaxed hair, extensions, coloring, and make-up application.  We are conveniently located near the South Point area in Durham also near Chapel Hill, and Raleigh’s best shopping districts.


At The Remedy Hair Spa, we cater to the hair, skin, and body needs of both male and female guests.  We offer the highest quality services from professional, master designer stylists.  The Remedy aims to examine your beauty concerns, specify your beauty needs, and create a “remedy” satisfactory to your desires. You will experience great services, an alluring, comfortable and luxurious salon for your relaxing pleasures. In addition, you will receive a carefully packaged resolution for any distress, leaving you forever happy, healthy, and comfortable with placing your beauty care needs in our hands.  That is why we are called The Remedy Hair Spa.

We strive to provide relaxation and tranquility in a serene environment, while servicing our clients with top of the line products, specially formulated for each specific hair type. The salon also stocks products for retail to cater to the individual client’s needs between visits with the stylist.


We offer a myriad of cosmetic services, such as facial waxing, eyelash & eyebrow extensions, and make-up application featuring M.A.C. and Bobbi Brown Essentials.



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